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Roof spray painting machines

Why use an airless roof spray painting machine?

  • The coating is very wet when it is applied, this ensures a better adhesion and flow-out.
  • Spraying your quality roof acrylic in a uniform thick coat, reducing the number of coats required.
  • Spraying will ensure the paint penetrates better into pits and crevices that might be missed with conventional brushing or rolling.
  • Less overspray
  • Smoother finishing
  • Quicker application

Versatile, productive and cost effective

The versatility of a roof spray painting machine means that you can use the equipment for a wide variety of painting projects at the same worksite.

From retaining walls to the building exterior or even interior, these units ensure that you have the power of airless to apply your product quickly and evenly.

HRM Services offers a selection of roof spray painting machines and accessories.

Currently our range includes the market leader GRACO and ASM, Tecnover and Dino, ensuring there is a model for every pricepoint.


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Airless Paint Sprayers


Skid mounted, electric airless sprayer, ideal for light ...

Airlessco GS800

Petrol Airless sprayer, suitable for large residential, ...

Airlessco HSS9000

1, 2 or 3 Gun Application. Heavy duty cart mounted ...


Heavy-duty, electric airless unit, ideal for light to ...

Graco 390

Skid mounted, electric airless sprayer, ideal for light ...

Graco DutyMax GH200DI

Powerful Hydraulic Sprayers for spraying paints, fire ...

Graco GH 833

1 or 2 Gun application. Petrol Hydraulic unit suitable for ...

Graco GH130

Cart mounted, 1 or 2 gun, hydraulic Petrol Airless unit ...

Graco GMAX 3900

1 or 2 Gun application. Trolley mounted Gas sprayer. Ideal ...


Texture sprayer for application of coarse building or ...

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