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Graco LineLazer 3400 road marker

Petrol airless road marking unit complete. adjustable front jokey wheel for circles, arcs and bends. 1 Gun, suitable for parking bays and small municipal work.

The LineLazer 3400 is the ideal professional striper for small jobs. Although capable of striping only one line at a time, its size, leightweight and new features make it ideal for maintenace work, parking lots etc.


  • Max Delivery:  2.8LPM
  • Max Tip Size:  1Gun - 0.027"
  • Max Pressure: 230BAR
  • Honda Engine Specification: 120cc (2.6 kW)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2 l
  • Unit Weight: 65 kg

GRACO LineLazer 3400 Brochure